‘Married at First Sight’: Truth Bombs Drop Like Flies as the Honeymoons Wind Down (RECAP)


[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 12, Episode 6, “Defending Your Wife.”]

Married at First Sight is wrapping up the Season 12 honeymoon phase, but not without some major drama.

In the show’s latest episode, “Defending Your Wife,” Chris is trouble, the couples have lots issues to work out between them, Clare hears more than she bargained for, and more. Ready? Let’s go! Just beware of spoilers ahead.

Married at First Sight Season 12 Clara


Clara and Ryan begin their fourth day of the honeymoon discussing love and past relationships. Claras says she’s always loved her partners more than she’s been loved, which makes her question the match with Ryan after he reveals that he’s never said “I love you to a former” partner.

Drinking Women, Gambling Men

Married at First Sight Season 12 Chris Vincent


While the women get together for a cocktail mixing class — where Virginia shares that Erik’s strict rules about no female-male friendships could be a deal-breaker — the men enjoy some gambling. Erik apparently had some pre-drinks with his hard-partying wife, which is not lost on Chris. Along with learning that Haley and Jacob have consummated their marriage, Erik tells Chris to “man up” in regards to the recent baby mama reveal. The advice does not go over well.


MAFS Season 12 Paige Chris


Haley and Jacob share lunch and she reveals that she’s still coping with her lack of private time. He wishes she’d open up more, but that might be easier said than done. Meanwhile, Chris and Paige enjoy room service, but the semi-decent mood shifts when she brings up her dog. Chris isn’t interested in taking care of the pet and wonders if they’ll eat or chew on his belongings. Should we have expected anything less?

An ‘L Word’ Snag

Virginia and Erik discuss drinking and he tries to put his foot down, saying that he can’t keep up with her on a regular basis. Virginia, undeterred, tells Erik that she’ll keep going with her usual drinking routine. In Vincent and Briana’s room it seems he’s discovered what her family meant about Bri being “bossy.” According to Vincent, when he brings this up with her later — away from the cameras — Briana gets very upset.


MAFS Season 12 Chris Virginia Clara


The next day Vincent and Briana go skydiving and discuss the prior night’s revelations. Briana says she’s upset because she made Vincent uncomfortable and hopes he’ll be more open and up front about how her interactions make him feel. So, they’re back on track. Meanwhile, Clara and Ryan, Erik and Virginia, and Chris and Paige take ATVs out to the desert — and things get heated along the way.

When Clara and Virginia discuss the drama with Chris about his baby mama and Paige, he asks them to stay out of it. But they don’t hold back and he tells them that their concern is fake and that he doesn’t need to explain himself to them. This then prompts Chris to say he’s worried about Virginia and Erik’s drinking, and the powder keg is lit.

The other couples tell Paige they support her, but Chris vows to make their ride back to the resort a living hell. He essentially goes off inside the van they share, arguing and yelling.

Group Dinner

Married at First Sight Season 12 Chris


What better time for a group dinner? When all but Erik and Virginia are at the table, Chris addresses those in attendance, apologizing for his behavior. Things seem to be getting off on the right foot — until Erik and Virginia show up. Instead of sitting down and hearing things out, Erik comes in guns blazing to ream out Chris, saying he should never talk to Virginia the way he did earlier in the day.

Even though the rest of the table tries to tell Erik that Chris was apologizing before he walked in, things escalate to the point of a near fist fight. Vincent escorts Chris away from the table, and Erik and Virginia leave the scene, essentially ending the group dinner that just barely began.

Final Bombs

MAFS Season 12 Haley


The final bombs of the episode include Ryan telling Clara to think more about the things that come out of her mouth, referencing the excursion with Chris and Paige as an example. Needless to say, she doesn’t take it well. Haley gets caught lying to Jacob when she tells him she’s going out for a ladies night and he discovers her hanging out with the other couples. And finally Chris tells Paige he still loves his ex and is seriously considering getting back together with her. Just when it seems like the last shoe has dropped, Paige comes to Chris and demands that he change or else she’ll have to end the marriage. When will she see that he won’t?

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