Marvel fans convinced Iron Man is dead after Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer


It had already been confirmed that upcoming movie Avengers: Endgame would be set before Spider-Man: Far From Home.

And with that in mind, the trailer revealed a major Avengers: Endgame spoiler as it proved Peter Parker would somehow be brought back to life after Infinity War.

But fans are now convinced there was another huge spoiler hidden within the action-packed trailer – and it’s not good news.

At one point in the trailer, a cheque from the Stark Relief Foundation is seen to be signed from Pepper Potts.

There’s also a moment when Peter longingly looks at the Spidey suit – which Tony gave him – while he’s packing for his school trip to Europe.

However, he says himself that he doesn’t want to take it as he just wants to enjoy time with his friends, so his look is probably more conflicted than in mourning.

For every fan mourning the apparent loss of Tony Stark, there are two more putting their minds at ease.

Back in Iron Man 2, released in 2010, Tony signed over control of Stark Industries to Pepper, which would explain the cheque.

Others pointed out that Marvel aren’t likely to drop spoilers of that importance in a trailer for another film.

Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer

CONSPIRACY: Some fans reckon Tony Stark is dead (Pic: Sony/Disney)

Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer

EXPLAINED: Pepper Potts signed the cheque because Tony made her the CEO in Iron Man 2 (Pic: Sony)

Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer

LEFT BEHIND: Was Peter mourning Tony’s death? (Pic: Sony)

With that in mind, it looks like Tony is safe – or at least not confirmed dead.

Elsewhere in the trailer, fans get their first look of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio.

Peter and his pals are on holiday in Europe when things start going wrong thanks to the Elementals.

This is where Mysterio comes in, though rather than fighting against Spider-Man, they team up.

Jake Gyllenhaal Spider-Man: Far From Home

FIRST LOOK: Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Mysterio (Pic: Sony)

Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer

ACTION: Far From Home swings onto screens in July 2019 (Pic: Sony)

Of course, before Spider-Man: Far From Home is released, fans will get to watch Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.

The latest Spider-Man movie will be the first in the MCU’s Phase Four, so expect some big changes.

Whether they are related to Iron Man’s potential death or not, though, is still up for debate…

Spider-Man: Far From Home is scheduled for a July 2019 release.

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