Masterchef: Nigella Lawson ticks off 'rude and shouty' Gordon Ramsay


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SHOUT OF ORDER: Loudmouth chef Gordon Ramsay ‘rude’

The kitchen queen says she only wants to be in shows that are “kinder” to participants. 

Nigella, 58, said Australia’s MasterChef, where she is a guest judge, is much friendlier than the US version, which features the fiery Scot. 

Gordon, 51, has built his reputation on his X-rated verbal attacks on competitors in his shows. 

Nigella told US telly: “MasterChef Australia is different from the MasterChef here and the one in England. 

“Every chef in the country would love her [Nigella] in the kitchen. She’s sex on legs”

Gordon Ramsay

“It is much kinder and it’s much more supportive. I wouldn’t want to be in one of those shouty things that make people feel bad.” 

Foul-mouthed Gordon will be a guest judge on MasterChef Australia next week, right after Nigella’s stint. 

It is not the first time the famous chefs have had a verbal run-in. 

Ramsay once called his rival a “domestic goddess” but praised her status as a sex symbol rather than her cooking skills. 

He said: “Every chef in the country would love her in the kitchen, but we’d never get any work done. She’s sex on legs.”

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