McGrane & Wallace Share Breezy New Folk Pop Single “P.C.H.”

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McGrane & Wallace is a new Southern California musical duo composed of singer-songwriters DD McGrane and CJ Wallace. Friends for years as well as neighbors, the two began making music and singing together during the pandemic. Their unique harmonizing and storytelling songwriting are hallmarks for this exciting new genre-fusing duo.

Their new single “P.C.H.” is an irresistible folk pop song filled with bright melodies, Americana drenched slide guitar and seductive piano. A climatic chorus full of falsetto over heightened instrumentation make the song a must listen to joyful anthem. The track is an autobiographical account of the duo’s experiences driving up and down the famous highway feeling ocean breeze in their hair while not having a care in the world. They confide, ““P.C.H.” is a wistful nod to California Culture and the laid-back, golden haze of an endless summer.  Featuring lovely, ear-pleasing harmonies, lush, layered guitars and a cool, Laurel Canyon vibe, this fresh debut single invokes nostalgia for simpler times when sunshine and optimism seemed to be everywhere and the future stretched before us like the iconic and limitless Pacific Coast Highway. On a deeper note, the song contains a cautionary tale reminding us to be fully immersed in the present because the past is ephemeral and can never be recaptured.”

McGrane & Wallace create roots based music with purpose and depth. The twosome can often be found performing at venues all around Southern California building a dedicated fanbase gig by gig. Their new single “P.C.H.” encompasses the special musical magic found between them.

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