Meek Mill Accuses Flight Attendant Of Racist Behaviour

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By Staff.

Meek Mill has accused a flight attendant of racist behaviour after he allegedly asked the rapper if he was smoking weed on a plane.

Meek posted a video of his interaction with the flight attendant on his Instagram story on Friday in which he appeared visibly upset and frustrated with the man.

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“So you just said we was smoking on a plane, we just came on here 30 seconds ago and you’re asking us if we were smoking on this plane,” Meek says in the post. The flight attendant, standing just behind Meek, responds, “Because I smell it.”

Meek, who boarded the flight with his crew, turns the video around to show them in their seats, adding, “But where are we going to smoke at if we just stepped on here 30 seconds ago? Like, where would a blunt be rolled up at if we just sat here?”

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“I’m gonna try and fix this problem,” the flight attendant replied. But at that point Meek decided he wanted to leave the plane.

“Let us get off this plane, because I don’t feel safe on this plane anyway,” he said. “C’mon, let’s open the door. You acting real racist right now, like, real crazy. Was we smoking weed? F–k wrong with you?”

The flight attendant opened the hatch and let Meek and his crew depart.

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