Megan Barton Hanson lets rip at ex Wes Nelson: 'He's a scumbag'


Megan, 25, believed her relationship with Dancing On Ice fave Wes was back on track.

He spent Wednesday night at Megan’s to celebrate her 25th and begged for her back. They also slept together.

Her birthday card read that he had planned a holiday to Marrakech.

But just days later Meg was hit by the bombshell that Wes, 20, had been “sending rude messages” to Amber.

Megan, who had split from Wes earlier this year, broke down sobbing, and told a make-up artist about her problems.

Megan Barton Hanson

Love Island star Megan Barton Hanson (Pic: Getty)

The make-up artist told the Daily Star Sunday: “Megan’s not bitter about this but she said, ‘I’m sick of Wes looking like the golden boy’ when basically he’s acted like a selfish f***boy.

“She’s just heartbroken to be let down again by Wes after letting him back in after those crocodile tears on the show.”

Amber, who appeared on an earlier series of the ITV show, revealed on Capital FM on Wednesday morning that a Love Island lad had been sending her flirty messages online.

She said they were “too rude for radio”. She did not name Wes, but someone who was in the studio told Megan that, off-air, Amber said the mystery man was Wes.

Megan told the make-up artist that she was devastated Wes had “used their break-up for sympathy votes” on the ITV ice show.

Megan Barton Hanson with Wes Nelson

Megan had hoped things with her ex, Wes Nelson, were back on track (Pic: Getty)

Amber Davies

Megan was hit with the bombshell that Wes and Amber Davies were exchanging “rude messages” (Pic: Getty)

And she is heartbroken that their reunion comes while he’d been “sexting” Amber.

The make-up artist said Megan told her: “He’s so calculating. He’s been crying about me on telly on Sunday, and the next minute sexting Amber.

“You can’t act the victim and then be sly on the side.

“He’s got one public image that’s very innocent, the golden boy, when really behind closed doors he’s the total opposite. He’s a scumbag.

“He’s selfish and calculating and it’s all for votes.”

Megan told her that she had not seen the hunk for weeks when he came over on her birthday with a card.

The make-up artist said Wes had written: “I’ve booked a trip to Marrakech, we’re going to go after Dancing on Ice, and I’m going to be the best boyfriend.”

When Megan learnt about Wes and Amber’s text session she is said to have asked him for the truth.

Wes is said to have deleted the messages but eventually admitted it had been flirty chat about meeting up.

Megan Barton Hanson

Megan hadn’t seen Wes for weeks, until he celebrated her 25th birthday with her this week (Pic: Getty)

Wes Nelson crying

Megan said she wishes everyone knew what Wes was really like, instead of the victim he portrays (Pic: Irish Mirror)

The make-up artist said: “Wes messaging Amber when he’d been trying to get Meg back is another level.

“Everyone thinks he’s the victim, but Meg said she just wished people knew his true colours.

“She’s soldiering on but she’s deeply hurt. She said he’d promised her the world after Ice finished.”

Last night, a spokesman for Wes did not respond to a request for a comment.

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