Method Man And Redman Missing From Cast of 'How High 2'


Method Man & Redman Smoke And Run … Absent In 'How High 2'

10/8/2018 12:30 AM PDT


Method Man and Redman are passing the blunt and leaving the rotation … ’cause we’re told the rappers won’t be appearing in the “How High” sequel. 

Sources close to “How High 2” tell TMZ … the hip-hop duo wasn’t cast in the made-for-TV movie after starring in the original stoner comedy. 

We’re told the sequel is going to be fundamentally different from the OG version — think sativa vs. indica — because it’s for a television PG-13 audience, and weed legalization has made strides since 2001, when Meth and Red blazed their way through Harvard. 

Filming began last week in Atlanta and, as we reported … Lil Yachty and DC Young Fly are the franchise’s new stars.

Meth and Red are MIA — probably ripping a bong somewhere — but one of the original producers, Shauna Garr, is returning. 

Don’t write off Meth and Red just yet … we’re told there’s always a chance the duo changes course and makes a cameo in the sequel, or in a potential trilogy.

One more puff wouldn’t hurt, right?

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