Michael B. Jordan's Body Destroys Apollo Creed, Trainer Says


Michael B. Jordan His Body KO's Apollo Creed … Trainer Says

11/23/2018 12:25 AM PST


Forget Drago’s kid … Michael B. Jordan had a totally different opponent in “Creed II,” because his trainer says the real fight was a body battle between MBJ and the original Creed, Carl Weathers.

MBJ is otherworldly jacked for the new flick, and when we talked to his trainer, Corey Calliet, he says even though Mike has been pumped up for a while now, he took it to a new level for the sequel.

“He’s never looked like that ever in his life. He’s never even imagined he could look like that.”

We then had to ask the big question … in a father (Apollo) versus son (Adonis) battle of the bodies, who wins?

Here’s where we remind you prisoners of the moment to remember that Carl Weathers was ABSOLUTELY JACKED, but Corey says it doesn’t even matter, Mike got him, and that was the plan.

“I promise you. I put Carl Weathers to sleep.”

We’d never talk to Action Jackson like that … so you guys make up your own minds.

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