Mickey Rourke Supports NFL Kneelers, Hates 'Garbage Can' Trump


Mickey Rourke Trump's a 'Garbage Can' Prez … I Support NFL Kneelers

8/6/2018 2:00 PM PDT


Mickey Rourke tells TMZ SportsDonald Trump is a “garbage can” president — and he’d gladly protest with the NFL kneelers as a way to stick it to our “sh**ty” Commander in Chief. 

“The Expendables” star was at Ago on Saturday night when we asked him about the LeBron James vs. Donald Trump beef … and where he stood. 

That’s when Rourke unloaded on POTUS — and made it clear he’s pissed at the way Trump has treated NFL stars like Colin Kaepernick, who took a knee during the national anthem to shine a spotlight on police brutality against minorities. 

“Everything is bulls**t. You can’t trust nothing,” Rourke said … explaining that Trump’s simply a “sh**ty president” and the country is gonna have to wait him out. 

Yeah, no holding back here … 

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