Mum buys cute panda jumper for kid – but fails to notice VERY X-rated design


The mum bought her child a cute pink jumper covered in adorable panda bears.

However, she failed to notice how close the animals were when she made the purchase.

Sharing it on Reddit, under the user TenFootLoPan, the caption read: “Kids love pandas.”

Can you spot the X-rated design? 

“Kids love pandas”

Reddit user

On closer inspection it turns out the black and white bears are acting out a range of sex positions.

From Doggy Style to Missionary and Cow Girl, the animal design is definitely a lot ruder than the mum realised. 

The photo has done the rounds on the internet after being re-uploaded to BoredPanda, where people have been commenting on its hilarity.

One person described the clothing as “Panda-sutra”, while another made fun of the name describing it as “Pandamonium”.

Another said: “That does not belong on a child.”

A third commented: “Oh God that is not cute!! This is scary but so funny! That kid is probably like mummy why are the pandas on my shirt hurting each other.”

A fellow mum added: “I’d be mortified. I certainly wouldn’t put it on my child, I’d take it straight back to the store.”

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