My Co-Workers Picked 6 TikTok Makeup Trends for Me to Try—Here’s What Happened


The newest beauty trends and formulas are so wearable—and I’m living, breathing proof. Welcome to Case in Point, a new beauty series where I try out the latest in all things beauty so you can see how it looks on a real person. I’ll test the current buzzy formulas, the trending looks, and the daring styles you didn’t know could be so versatile. It’s no secret that the best way to know if something’s worth trying is to have an industry expert test it themselves and give you honest commentary, and that’s the whole point of this series.

I will be the first to admit it: I’m not a TikToker. I’m usually the last person to see the latest TikTok trends (unless they happen to crop up on Twitter) and I barely open my TikTok app. This always surprises people, especially because I love keeping up with the latest makeup trends and watching videos of people applying makeup.

I’m in the process of trying to become a more avid TikTok user, but in the meantime, I enlisted the help of my very online co-workers. I asked them to pick some TikTok trends they’d like to see me try, and they delivered. From tamer looks like “clean girl” makeup to more out-there renditions like white dots, I tried all the biggest makeup trends on TikTok right now. Keep reading for my honest reviews. 

Without being aware of it, I think I’ve been doing “clean girl” makeup for a while. The clean girl aesthetic is all about being effortless and minimalist, but looking impossibly fresh, and, well, “clean.” To achieve the clean girl look, I prepped my face with tons of lightweight moisturizer and covered my skin in a glowy sunscreen, radiant blush, and a coat of mascara. For the ultimate clean girl aesthetic, try slicking your hair back—I like mixing hair oil with a hair paste for the ideal combo of control and shine. 

It’s well-documented—this ’90s supermodel makeup is having a major moment. “Siren eyes” have taken hold of TikTokers, who have given the look a serious resurgence. Siren eyes are similar to cat eyes, but instead of harsh lines, they’re more smoked out, creating a sultry, more subtle look. Cat eyes have always had a hold on me, but in recent years, I’ve found myself gravitating toward more subtle takes, so siren eyes were a logical step for me to take. This was probably my favorite trend to try, and I’ll definitely be re-creating it often (plus, it’s easy—undone imperfection is your friend!).

Okay, before trying this look, I was absolutely positive that it would make me look like I was wearing clown makeup. The idea of dotting on a bunch of makeup without blending is semi-terrifying! I was also worried that my makeup would dry down too quickly, rendering it unable to blend, but luckily, the liberal amount of setting spray I used made it blend effortlessly. My co-workers and I had talked the most about this look, so everyone was waiting for the verdict—and shockingly, I loved the final product.

Douyin blush is going viral on TikTok, so much that it’s beginning to surpass its close cousin, sunburn blush. With Douyin blush, you draw little arrows on your cheekbones, the outer corners of your eyes, the tip of your nose, and your chin. All the videos I watched used lipstick to do this rather than actual blush, so I grabbed a lipstick too. Using a wet Beauty Blender, I blended everything out (though I used my fingers around my eyes for more pigment and precision). I like how sunkissed I looked, but if I did this look again, I’d skip my chin—I felt like I had a pink five-o’clock shadow rather than a rosy glow.

I’ve already been participating in the fluffy brow trend for years (I was never a fan of the carved-out brows of the late 2010s). Fluffy brows are a way to have statement brows that draw attention to your face without looking too drawn on. I like going in with a fine-tipped eyebrow pencil and locking everything in place with a clear brow gel. The key to this is finding a pencil that’s fine enough to draw hair-like strokes and stiff enough to avoid smudging.

I didn’t have white eyeliner, so I picked up Armani Beauty’s Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer with a precision makeup brush and dotted it around my eyes. It dried down well and left me with pearlescent dots that felt like a more grown-up version of the white dot trend. I felt a little bit like a college student who was trying to dress as an alien for a themed party, but overall, I would wear this again on a fun night out—I definitely wouldn’t attempt this makeup for day-to-day life.

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