Naked Attraction hotty stuns with DOGGING confession


BRUNETTE Katie was looking for her perfect man on naked attraction tonight.

However the 20-year-old Bristolian admitted she has had some seriously bad dating disasters tonight.

Asked what her worst ever date was, Katie told ‘s host Anna Richardson that it involved dogging.

She told the Channel 4 host: “I was on a date with this guy and we were in the care.

“But then he pulled up to this well-known dogging spot.

“He pulled up to this well-known dogging spot.”


“I had to ask him to keep going.”

Anna, 48, probed: “How did you know it was a well-known dogging spot?”

To which she replied: “Everyone in Bristol knows them.”

Katie Naked Attraction

NAKED ATTRACTION: Katie dropped a dogging confession on the show tonight (Pic: C4)

Katie and Anna Richardson Naked Attraction

DISASTER: Katie said a guy tried to take her to a dogging hotspot on the first date (Pic: C4)

Anna then asked what happened after, to which Katie said “We went to a pub.

“But I asked the waitress to distract him and slipped out the back door.”

Katie didn’t have much more luck with her dating tonight though.

Katie and Anna Richardson Naked Attraction

STRIPPING OFF: Katie stripped to her birthday suit as she tried to find her perfect man (Pic: C4)

Charlie Naked Attraction

REJECTED: Charlie cut their date short after the show though (Pic: C4)

She chose hunk Charlie after stripping to her birthday suit herself.

However, he cut their date short after the show, saying he was “tired”.

Naked Attraction airs Thursdays on Channel 4 at 10pm.

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