Neighbours character's heartbreaking death CONFIRMED amid shock exit?


‘ Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) was diagnosed with disorder Huntington’s Disease earlier this year after US doctors found something abnormal in her brain.

The member has avoided telling her friends and family as she didn’t want to worry them, but she has finally told paying love interest Pierce the truth.

As she realised Pierce was getting more attached, she told him about the disease to put him off, but it only made him more emotional towards her.

Feeling claustrophobic by Pierce’s advances, she disappears from the chalet in the middle of the night, sending everyone into a panic.

Chloe will soon decide it is time to leave Ramsay Street, but will she be leaving in a taxi or a coffin?

April spoke about the severity of her disease to Daily Star Online, saying: “Chloe reveals her diagnosis in a moment of desperation in the hope that it will turn him off, you know knowing that she has no future.

“They can’t really have a relationship long term anyway because you know, she sees it as this death sentence and no one will ever want to be with her because she has such a limited future.”

Chloe Brennan on Neighbours

TRAPPED: Chloe was desperately trying to escape her relationship (Pic: CHANNEL 5)

Chloe Brennan on Neighbours

REVEALED: Chloe admitted to Pierce she is dying from Huntington’s Disease (Pic: CHANNEL 5)

Could the disease end up taking Chloe’s life sooner than she thought?

She added: “I think she’s still trying to push it aside and not deal with it she still hasn’t told anyone properly – as I said she only is telling Piers about of desperation.

“And not to confide or help her out of the situation. But yeah, I think at this point she’s still not really facing it yet.”

Chloe Brennan on Neighbours

TESTED: All of the Brennans need to find out if they have the disease (Pic: CHANNEL 5)

Mark and Aaron Brennan on Neighbours

WORRIED: Mark and Aaron desperately tried to find Chloe (Pic: CHANNEL 5)

Meanwhile, Chloe’s brothers Aaron (Matt Wilson) and Mark (Scott McGregor) were desperately trying to find Chloe after Pierce raised the alarm she has gone.

Little do they know, she is planning on fleeing the country after finding everything too much, but is she leaving Ramsay Street for good?

Neighbours continues tomorrow at 1.45pm on Channel 5.

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