New CALIDA collaboration combines cashmere with innovative fibre made from Icelandic algae


Together with FTC Cashmere, CALIDA is once again demonstrating its commitment to high-quality, sustainable and responsible fashion with the launch of the Wellbeing collection. Both brands combine Swiss heritage and uncompromising commitment to the environment, all at a very high standard, and in keeping with their shared values, the collaborative collection will be launched under the apt slogan ‘Always choose kindness’.

Made from an exclusive blend of SeaCell™ and cashmere, the comfy and ultra-soft Wellbeing collection supports responsible production methods and social projects that benefit the people in the region of origin, as well as the animals. Every style in the CALIDA x FTC Cashmere Wellbeing collection is ‘Marked & Traced by Haelixa’, therefore guaranteeing a transparent and sustainable supply chain.

“In our anniversary year, we are continuing to pursue our goal of creating more space and awareness for innovative and sustainable design approaches together with FTC Cashmere and are thus successfully continuing our Conscious Collaborations series,” said Janine Weiz-Bühler, Director Brand & Product at CALIDA. “The jointly created Premium Wellbeing Collection focuses on the growing category of lounge and homewear. The pure and timeless design in combination with the high-quality and sustainably sourced material blend SeaCell™ Cashmere proves once again that fashion and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.”

Both the men’s and women’s collections feature nine mix and match items made from 50% fine cashmere and 50% SeaCell™, a new and unique material blend developed exclusively for this collaboration. In addition to high-quality raw cashmere, this blend also contains specially processed brown algae (Ascophyllum nodosum), which is sourced exclusively from Icelandic fjords. The algae is first dried and cut, then ground into a fine powder in a patented process; this powder is added to a cellulose mixture and processed into a SeaCell™ fibre. This blend of animal wool and plant-based SeaCell™ combines the luxurious comfort of cashmere with the soothing effect of the brown algae, which is unlocked when in contact with the skin’s natural moisture.

The women’s collection includes a heavy-knit corsage-style top with wide knitted straps, a long cardigan, a turtleneck and a rib-knit pullover, which can be combined with either cuffed pants or culottes. The collection also features exclusive accessories in the form of hats and socks made from high-quality SeaCell™ cashmere. The colour palette features the timelessly elegant nature-inspired ‘natural sand’ and the light, creamy ‘panna cotta’ with a slight rose tinge, as well as subtle touches of ‘haze mint’. Complete with intricate details such as heart-shaped mother-of-pearl buttons, these styles are sure to become new favourites.

The men’s collection includes a classic cashmere pullover in a sophisticated grey (‘opal grey melé’), a lighter striped pullover in ‘off-white beige’, a sporty and elegant hoodie jacket and a buttoned, blazer-style overshirt which is casual yet businesslike. The styles look great combined with cuffed pants in either ‘opal grey melé’ or ‘dark sapphire’, as well as the exclusive hats and socks made from high-quality SeaCell™ cashmere.

Every style in the CALIDA x FTC Cashmere Wellbeing collection is ‘Marked & Traced by Haelixa’, therefore guaranteeing a transparent and sustainable supply chain. The collection uses Haelixa’s innovative DNA marker technology to clearly and physically prove where the cashmere wool comes from, and all information about the origin and journey of the product remains linked to each item throughout production. The CALIDA x FTC Cashmere Wellbeing collection will be available in select CALIDA stores, retailers and online from 18 October 2021.

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