Nicholas Campbell Won’t Return To ‘Coroner’ For Allegedly Using N-Word Until Investigation Completes

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By Jamie Samhan.

Nicholas Campbell will no longer star on “Coroner” for the time being after allegedly using racial slurs.

Campbell, who played Gordon Cooper on the CBC show, will not be allowed to return until an investigation has taken place.

According to CBC, Andre Mike, a Black grip technician, said that Campbell used the N-word while working on the film “Impasse”.

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Campbell has apologized in a statement to the outlet, reading, “That word should never be spoken aloud, certainly not by the likes of me, a white guy who is old enough to know better. It doesn’t matter the context in which it was said. It doesn’t matter that I was retelling a story, or that I was actually quoting someone else’s usage of that word. That horrible and divisive word should never come out of my mouth. And it never will again.”

Campbell claimed he didn’t call anyone particular by the name but Mike alleges Campbell said it to him.

“There was myself and another Black man right there, behind him. He wouldn’t be saying it to anyone else,” Mike told CBC. Three other crew members also said they heard it.

“It’s degrading, embarrassing. We’re not in the Jim Crow era anymore. We’ve passed that, it’s 2021. We’re fighting for such diversity, inclusion and acceptance,” Mike added.

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A CBC spokesperson commented on what reportedly was said on the “Impasse” set.

“Earlier this week, CBC was made aware of some deeply disturbing allegations regarding racist language used by actor Nicholas Campbell on the set of a feature film,” they said.

“Given the serious nature of these allegations and until an investigation can be conducted, Coroner 4 Productions Inc. has made the decision Mr. Campbell will not be returning to the ‘Coroner’ set, which is currently in production. CBC fully supports this decision.”

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