NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 3 Review: The Night Road


Now that’s how you bring characters together!

NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 3 filled in some more blanks following the jump in time, and put several characters in peril, and Charlie Manx should probably be worried. 

If you watch NOS4A2 online, you know Vic was determined to leave her life in Haverhill behind on NOS4A2 Season 1, and to go to a prestigious college that would give her the best start in life. 

She had an abusive father who couldn’t get by without drinking alcohol and a mother who seemed resigned to the fact that she was not destined for greatness. 

It’s tragic that Vic’s current predicament has her taking on the traits of both parents, and for her parents to have moved on with their lives. 

Vic is now the person she did not want to be, and it seems like the roles have reversed somewhat on NOS4A2 Season 2. Vic turning to her father in her time of need was predictable, but her father being sober and living life to its fullest came out of nowhere. 

I appreciate that it gave Vic some food for thought. She needed this to make her understand how far she’s fallen. She feels terrible for her actions, but she fails to understand that she’s not a bad mother. 

Maggie: You’re here … and in one piece.
Vic: So are you. I didn’t get Manx. I tried.
Maggie: It’s OK. He has to get through all of us, so we’ll stop him instead. OK?
Vic: OK.

She managed to build a family in those eight years of tranquility, and the issue here is more so about Charlie coming back from the dead, determined to derail her happiness. 

Who would have thought that Linda would be telling her daughter how important it is for her to have a strong presence in her child’s life? 

Time jumps can be hit or miss, but NOS4A2 has successfully managed to flip the script and offer new storytelling opportunities to fans of the series. 

The most surprising development on “The Night Road” was that Vic made her way to Maggie and Tabitha’s after her meeting with Charlie. 

Vic: Hey, you guys made it. Hey, bats. Are you OK? I’m so sorry I wasn’t there.
Wayne: Whatever, I’m fine.
Lou: Glad to see you’re alright. You here for a visit, or to stay?
Vic: To stay.

I did not expect Vic and Charlie to cross paths so soon, but it’s likely that Charlie would not have killed Vic at that moment, even if he got the chance. 

He’s fascinated by this game of cat and mouse he’s been playing with her, and while his ultimate aim seems to be to take Wayne away from his mother, he wants to make Vic squirm. 

Charlie’s sentiments about Vic wanting to die to be out of her pain may have seemed out there, but the look on Vic’s face was very telling. 

Her very existence is a struggle, and I’m not sure that she wouldn’t accept defeat just to stop the pain. Still, Charlie would not give her a quick death because he’s all about the theatrics. 

The tension between Tabitha and Vic will probably play a big part of the next handful of episodes. Maggie was almost killed by Charlie, and the last thing Tabitha wants is for her life to be put in danger. 

Lou is a real keeper, and he reiterated that several times throughout this riveting installment. From him figuring out what was going on, to beating up Bing, and finally, to still being there for Vic, he’s a great man. 

Vic really won the lottery with him because other people would have probably called time on the relationship when she rushed off into the night. 

Millie’s trip beyond the gates of Christmasland was also worth it. Initially, I figured her mother was only showing up in her mind, but after the phone call with her father, it’s more likely Charlie kept his wife around in some capacity. 

Yes? Abe, you foul old rummy. I’ve told you before I don’t want anymore clients from you. You’re joking. Well, in that case, I would be honored to meet Charles Manx. Who is Vic McQueen?


This could prove Charlie is not as wicked as we’ve been led to believe. Yes, he’s not the type of person I would invite to a party, but it shows there is some form of humanity there. 

Millie’s mother touching her and showing her pre-vampire transformation was crucial to the development of Millie. It almost seemed like the child was starting to wonder whether she had made the right decision by feasting on her mother. 

Additionally, Millie is the person holding the fort in Christmasland and feels like Charlie is abandoning her constantly. If she can get the love of her mother, then maybe this could be the undoing of Charlie. 

How would he be able to move on knowing that his daughter has betrayed him? We know Millie can contact Vic, and if the latter thinks she’s getting one up on her enemy, she would probably work with someone close to him. Risks be damned!

“The Night Road” was a more rounded installment as opposed to the first two episodes of the season. In essence, it felt like the episode we get before a season finale. 

The possibilities are endless now, and I’m sure the new figure introduced at the end of the installment will shake the dynamics up. 

NOS4A2 Season 2 has the potential to be a cut about the freshman season, so I hope we get some more intriguing developments to keep all eyes on the show. 

What did you think of Millie’s findings in the house? Could she turn on her father?

Were you surprised at the changes for Vic’s parents? Did Vic make the right call?

Hit the comments. 

NOS4A2 continues Sundays at 10/9c on AMC. 

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