Olivia Wilde Wears These Specific Sneakers to Every Single Workout, Without Fail


Yes, we’re this serious about Olivia Wilde’s sneakers. We’ve often spotted the film director and actress heading to or from a workout in what appears to be her favorite pair of sneakers: the Adidas Ultraboosts. And, since she often wears all-black attire (or at least black leggings) to exercise, her trusty black-on-black Adidas trainers are easy to coordinate with every workout look. 

Aside from the double dose of fitspo that Wilde is serving, we’d be remiss not to acknowledge that a great pair of properly fitted sneakers can make a world of difference. Whether you’re into HIIT, kickboxing, or just down for a leisurely stroll, the right sneakers can make or break not only your outfit but also your experience. 

Obviously, Wilde is partial to Adidas, but just in case you are looking for your go-to brand, or want to try something new, keep scrolling because we’ve scoped out 10 pairs of black sneakers to try, including the Ultraboosts.

Ready? Set? Go! 

According to um, everyone who has them, Hokas are life-changing. 

Your feet are about to feel fantastic in these cloud-like kicks. 

Nike die-hards know the deal. 

The chunky sole makes this pair of Adidas shoes of the more stylish sneakers in the bunch.

Serious runners swear by Brooks sneakers. 

Lightweight and endlessly wearable.

Adidas always nails the basics and is never boring.

Take it from us: wterproof sneakers are essential for outdoor trail runs.

And in an unexpected moment, these chic “lucky” black trainers from Tory Burch.

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