Paris Hilton Recalls Not Wanting To Eat In Front Of ‘Cute Boys’ Including Husband Carter, Shares Favourite Moment From Their Wedding & Hints At Growing Family


By Melissa Romualdi.

Paris Hilton gushes over the huge crush she had on husband Carter Reum since the day they first met on the premiere episode of her newly relaunched podcast series “I am Paris”, formerly known as “This is Paris”.

Inspired by Hilton’s New York Times best seller, Paris: The Memoir, her hit podcast kicked off season 3 on Monday with an interview with Reum, the first of a three-part podcast series hitting the airwaves throughout the week, covering Hilton’s past, present and future. The beloved socialite will interview those closest to her and who have impacted her life the most.

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While chatting with her beau, the couple recalled how they met on Thanksgiving, their first kiss, plus Hilton shares how Reum, who’s from a town of 800 people, makes her feel and her favourite moment from their wedding.

“I remember walking in and just seeing you sitting there at the table. You had this big smile and your eyeballs were popping out of your head… in a good way,” Hilton told her now-hubby of the first time they met in the Hamptons at Dana Hammond’s house, whom is Reum’s sister Halle’s mother-in-law.

Later that evening, Paris and her mother Kathy joined the Hammond family for dinner where she sat next to Reum, who saved her the seat beside him.

Reum recalled: “About half way during the meal, the housekeeper walked over and said, ‘Ms. Hilton, Ms. Hilton, is something wrong with the food? You’re not eating,’ and I’ll never forget this, [Paris] said, ‘I don’t like to eat in front of cute boys,’ and I’m like, ‘so you’re saying there’s a chance!’”

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Fifteen minutes later, Hilton asked Carter “to get some fresh air.”

“I actually thought we were going to get fresh air,” Reum said. “I turned the corner, you immediately kissed me. My life has never been the same since then.”

“You loved it,” Hilton teased.

“Absolutely I loved it. Are you kidding me. Paris Hilton kissed me at Thanksgiving dinner,” Reum replied. “I was like a kid in a candy store.”

Hilton noted that although she “wasn’t looking to date anyone,” earlier that day when she met Reum while stopping by Dana’s home, she “felt this connection” with him and was “so excited to go back to dinner that night.”

“The whole time I was like, ‘I can’t wait to make-out with him’,” Paris shared. “I just had such a crush on you right away.”

The actress, singer and DJ went on to gush over the way her hubby makes her feel.

“I feel like I had such huge walls around my heart and you pulled those walls down,” she said, referring to the immense amount of trauma she went through. “[You make] me feel like my best version of myself and have made me grow in so many ways.”

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“I’ve never had partnership, friendship or a relationship like this where it’s just like we are one and we’re a team and we’re always gonna be together,” she continued. “I’m no longer afraid because I know that you got me and you’ll always watch after me and you’re the best dad to Phoenix.”

The fashion icon then said she “can’t wait for our baby London and our cutesy crew,” seemingly hinting at baby no. 2. The couple, who wed in 2021, announced the arrival of their first child, son Phoenix in January.

When asked what her favorite moment from their wedding was, Hilton told Reum, “doing my vows,” which he called “amazing.”

“Because I was literally writing them up until the point when I was walking [down] the aisle,” Hilton said, “then kind of just throwing the vows to the floor and just speaking from my heart and free-styling it. I thought that was awesome.”

Hilton also loved “the moment walking down the aisle looking at [Reum]” who was “standing there crying.”

“It was so sweet,” she said, “and just seeing everyone in the room so happy, being in the wedding gown and feeling like a princess was just such a magical moment.”

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