Parkland Leader Cameron Kasky Appreciates 'South Park' Taking on School Shootings


Parkland Leader Cameron Kasky I Respect 'South Park' … Even a School Shooting Episode

9/28/2018 12:20 AM PDT


Student activist Cameron Kasky — one of the survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas — appreciates “South Park” … even when it satirizes the tragedies he and way too many other kids have gone through. 

We got the Parkland leader in NYC Thursday and asked about Wednesday night’s episode — titled “Dead Kids” — in which South Park Elementary is ravaged with multiple school shootings … but nobody seems to care.

Cameron says while he understands people might be offended by the subject matter, he actually thinks the show’s creators did a great job of addressing apathy to the school shooting epidemic in America … and hopes it makes us take a look in the mirror.

Kasky also praised Trey Parker and Matt Stone for not portraying the violence or showing the shooter in the episode — the chaos was framed as background noise — and for not being afraid to tackle important social issues … even if he doesn’t always agree with them.

As for whether Cam would consider voicing a character on the show — not gonna happen. He’ll just continue to watch … and appreciate their art.

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