Plus size blogger reveals top body confidence tip – and it couldn't be easier


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MODEL BEHAVIOUR: Laura hopes to inspire others to be more body confident

Stripping off on holiday can be daunting – especially if you have hang-ups about your body.

While  has encouraged thousands to feel more confident about themselves, there’s still plenty of work to be done.

To order to encourage more ladies to embrace themselves, .

A team of plus size models have backed the campaign, including blogger Kirsty Leanne.

Here, Daily Star Online speaks to the Instagram star about why body positivity is so important.

Kirsty believes that the fashion industry should be more inclusive.

She regularly shares un-retouched pictures of herself online, where she’s attracted a social media following of 10,000.

In some images, the blogger stripped down to swimwear to show others that it’s OK to feel confident if you are curvy.

Over the years, she has also revealed her plus size fashion tips.

Kirsty revealed why the body positivity campaign is so important to her.

She said: “Before I started blogging I hardly saw plus size people in fashion world, which was incredibly disheartening as it made me feel like my body wasn’t ‘normal’.

“I think the only reason I see so many plus size beauties now as opposed to then, is because I follow a lot of plus size influencers who inspire me on a daily basis.

“Although there are lots of plus size influencers out there, I still don’t feel as though we are represented enough as the fashion industry (as well as many others) are more likely to invite people with a certain ‘look’ to their events or on their campaigns.”

While , it can still be difficult for some women to find their confidence.

To be more body positive, Kirsty encourages others to shun unrealistic beauty ideals in favour of natural influences.

She explained: “My best tip is to follow people on social media that have a similar body type to you, as it can be so hard when it feels like everyone in the media is of a certain size.

“Following plus size influencers has been one of the best things for me as it’s helped inspire my outfits, build my confidence and show me that every body is normal.”

Kirsty hopes that speaking about inclusivity will help others to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

She urges ladies to face their fears and let their hair down.

She said: “I really hope this campaign can help to inspire people to who wouldn’t normally travel, visit the beach or go to the pool to pack their bags and go on an adventure.

“It can be so hard to get over your fears when it comes to body confidence, but seeing so many fantastic people doing it and rocking their swimwear is hopefully going to be a great encouragement to someone in need of a little boost.”

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