Post Malone is Postmate's Top Customer, Spending More Than $40,000 This Past Year


Post Malone Postmates' $ 40,000 Customer!!!

10/24/2018 1:00 AM PDT


If you’re worried about how much you’re spending on getting food and booze delivered, you can breathe easier, because we’ve learned Post Malone left everyone in the dust!

The rapper is Postmates’ most dedicated customer … ordering nearly 3,000 items on more than 660 deliveries spanning 52 cities nationwide!!! 

Post is gonna be featured on a Postmates series, The Receipt, along with other celebs sharing their favorite orders and strangest requests.

Post gets most of his deliveries on tour … spending more than $ 40,000 over the past year on quick eats from places like Chick-fil-A, Burger King, KFC, Panda Express, and Popeyes.

Fast food isn’t the only thing Post can’t live without … some of his favorite orders include a 12-pack of beer, 3 Champagne bottles from Ralphs and 3 bottles of grape Pedialyte. Gotta stay hydrated when you’re getting wasted.

As for Post’s special requests … he asked Chick-fil-A for the largest nugget tray they had and once asked for Target’s most expensive chess board. Seriously. 

Forget “White Iverson” … call him Postmates Malone. 

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