PS5 Release Date May Have Been Revealed By DualSense Leak


Thanks to a recent leak regarding the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, fans may now know the exact month the new console is set to hit stores. So far, Sony’s next-gen system has been set for a vague Holiday 2020 street date, roughly the same release window as its direct competitor, Microsoft’s equally forthcoming Xbox Series X.

In the meantime, Sony has been slowly but steadily putting out details regarding the PS5’s appearance and technical capabilities in recent months, and a list of highly anticipated launch titles has finally begun to take shape thanks to the currently ongoing Summer Game Fest livestream event. Furthermore, fans got their first look at the PS5’s graphical prowess earlier this week with the stunningly-rendered Unreal Engine 5 tech demo, leading to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney describing the console’s hardware as being superior to most high-end gaming PCs.

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Now, it seems players might have a hint as to when their wait for the newest PlayStation system will finally be over. Sony-related rumor hunter Iron ManPS5 recently posted an enticing clue regarding the PS5’s potential release date on his Twitter page yesterday, revealing that the new DualSense controller will be hitting stores on November 20, 2020 at the suggested retail price of $ 59.99 in the United States and other related regions. While there is no mention of the PS5 console itself in this post, it stands to reason that the console would be sold at the same time as its controller. You can check out the tweet below:

Previously, the PS5 was rumored to be arriving in October, but Sony itself later announced that this wasn’t the case. On a lighter note, the company has confirmed that the system is still set for its actual planned release date despite any potential complications resulting from the currently ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has kept most of the world on lockdown in recent months, video game console manufactures included.

Provided Iron ManPS5’s post is correct, Sony will be releasing the PS5 near Black Friday, which would certainly be an ideal time period to debut a new console due to customers flooding the malls in order to get a start on their holiday shopping and throwing down their hard-earned cash. However, this is all still just a rumor at this point, so fans should stay posted for any new information regarding the PlayStation 5’s highly anticipated release later this year.

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Source: Iron ManPS5 (via Twitter)

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