Reality star lets son, 16, take her raunchy lingerie snaps: 'I'm not showing him my p***y'


The Bedazzled actress and swimwear designer defended her son for taking the photos on Liz Hurley’s Instagram, insisting he is studying photography and has a “good eye”.

But she’s not the only one who gets their teenager involved in their Instagram teases.

Reality veteran Jill Demirel does the same, and believes she’s helping her son Jan, 16, achieve his dreams of being a photographer by letting him take her raunchiest pics.

Jill – whose family were dubbed the UK Kardashians thanks to her multiple TV appearances – sees absolutely nothing wrong in letting her son see her pose seductively in her underwear and surprisingly neither does he.

“Because I’ve done a lot of reality TV I’ve got the kids involved,” she exclusively revealed to Daily Star Online.

Jill Demirel in bikini JAN DEMIREL

HOT MAMA: Jill sees no problem in allowing her son Jan to take her raunchy pics


CONTROVERSY: Liz sparked a heated debate when she admitted her son takes her bikini pics

“We did The Secret Life of the Family and Mums Gone Wild on Channel 5 so they’ve always been around cameras and around filming.

“He then grew to find it interesting being behind the camera, so he said to me: ‘Mum, I want to be a photographer.’

“He started taking pictures of small stuff and I said you know what why don’t you be my personal photographer? What’s the point of me paying someone to take my pictures when my son can do it? Also, I feel like I’m helping him with his career.

“When he’s taking pictures of me I can promote him. I own a lingerie business and he takes pictures of me in lingerie. Obviously some of my photos are pretty raunchy but so what?

“He’s not going to fancy me, he’s my son. I feel more comfortable with my son taking my photos than a total stranger. When you get a stranger you get the danger of them fancying you and trying it on but my son’s not going to do that.”

Jill Demirel in low cut top JAN DEMIREL

REALITY TEMPTRESS: Jill has been in numerous shows over the years

“If anyone thinks any different they’re the one’s that are sick in the head”

Jill Demirel

Unsurprisingly, just like Liz, Jill has received criticism for allowing her son to capture her most intimate moments.

She added: “I’ve had some people say, ‘Aren’t you embarrassed of your son taking pictures of you?’

“Well, hang on a minute I’m not naked, it’s not like I’m showing him my p***y. This is lingerie, knickers and a bra. He sees me in a bikini, so what is the difference?”

Jan doesn’t mind taking his mum’s sexy pics though, and the snapshots have even caught the attention of his mates.

“You know what he doesn’t mind taking the pictures,” she admitted.

Jan Demirel holding champagne flute JAN DEMIREL

RISING STAR: Jan doesn’t mind snapping photos of his mum and is ‘proud’ of her

“He tells me, do this or do that sometimes. His friends are like, ‘Oh my God your mum’s so hot!’ or ‘Oh my God you’re so lucky,’ but he’s just like that’s my mum, that’s cringe.

“If anyone thinks any different they’re the one’s that are sick in the head. We’re close me and Jan, it’s normal, what’s the problem so what? what’s the big deal?

“He’s building his portfolio now so I don’t see a problem with it at all.”

The mother-of-three not only doesn’t see an issue with her son snapping her sexy pics, she thinks it might help his relationships with women in later life.

She added: “I think it will help his relationship with women in the future because he’ll be extremely comfortable with women.

“He’s not going to be one of those stupid idiots that get over excited. He’s seen lingerie all the time and he’s seen his mum’s body all the time. I think it’s going to help him.”

Jill Demirel on bed in lingerie JAN DEMIREL

MUM KNOWS BEST: Jill is trying to help her son further his photography career

Jill currently stars on Essex TV’s Girly Night In alongside boxer Harley Benn’s ex Lisa Andrews and X Factor 2016 star Leah McKenzie.

Dubbed the raunchy version of Loose Women, it’s no wonder the late night show has been picked up by another channel to be shown later this year.

Jill – who also has sons Jem, 15, and six-year-old Jengiz – also runs as lingerie and sex toy business, and hosts underwear parties.

And while most young men might be embarrassed by their mother’s business acumen, Jill insists Jan is “proud” of her for building her businesses.

She continued: “Everything I do is to help them and their future. Jan is proud of me.”

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