Report: Kojima Productions Is Behind Alleged Sony-Funded Silent Hill Game


Konami is slowly getting back to putting out games again as evidenced by an earlier official partnership with Bloober Team and an unofficial report stating that it was reviving three of its biggest franchises: Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Metal Gear Solid. That report said that two Silent Hill games were in development: one from Bloober and one from an unnamed Japanese studio. And now yet another report has claimed that that mystery studio is Kojima Productions.

This comes from Gematsu who claims to have a “publishing source that wishes to remain anonymous.” This small addendum to the original VideoGamesChronicle report simply says that Kojima Productions is developing a Silent Hill game and Sony is helping fund it. And while not explicitly stated, this would likely mean that this Silent Hill game would be a PlayStation exclusive (or at least a console or timed exclusive).

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This same rumor was floating around way back in March 2020 via RelyOnHorror. While it doesn’t mention Bloober Team and talks about a reboot from SIE Japan, a studio that has since closed in the meantime, it does speak about a Sony-funded, Kojima-developed Silent Hill game. Sony was reportedly acting as a mediator in an effort to patch up the relationship between Kojima and Konami after their unceremonious breakup following Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in 2015. RelyOnHorror claims to have had two sources that relayed this information.

One of the sources alleged that it would take advantage of the PlayStation 5’s VR headset. Sony also reportedly offered Kojima “full creative freedom” in this game and apparently pitched it as a narrative-focused game like Until Dawn to Kojima. As of March 2020 when this report was published, it was not a done deal.

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Details may have changed in the ensuing 18 months — especially considering how SIE Japan is no more — but the broad strokes still more or less line up with Gematsu’s newer report. Sony and Kojima have consistently worked together for many years as Metal Gear Solid was often seen as a PlayStation-heavy franchise, which is something that continued with Death Standing and its recent Director’s Cut. P.T., the oft-discussed playable teaser for Kojima’s canceled Silent Hills, was also a PS4 exclusive. Norman Reedus, the star of Death Stranding and P.T., also recently posted an odd video on Instagram featuring a Silent Hill 3 character.

Nothing has been confirmed and, according to VGC, nothing will be officially confirmed until sometime next year barring any sort of major delay. However, there are many aspects pointing to something quite big coming out of Silent Hill in the near future, but, fittingly, those things are still covered in a bit of fog.

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