Review: After The Screaming Stops – Bros doc is a hoot


If you saw the recent Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber documentaries you’ll know these films can seem like puff pieces edited to massage a star’s ego.

But in this touching and very funny film about last year’s Bros reunion concert, Matt and Luke Goss don’t seem in charge of a single shot. They rarely seem in control of themselves.

An introduction reminds us that the brothers were once hounded by armies of screaming girls around the world.

But they spectacularly hit the buffers when drummer Luke, disgruntled with singer Matt’sperceived limelight hogging, broke up the band in 1992.

The title comes from a question the Goss lads were asked on Terry Wogan’s chatshow. What would they do “after the screaming stops”? It turns out they would unravel spectacularly after fame and fortune vanished overnight.

Luke went on to build a career as a film actor, while Matt reinvented himself as a Las Vegas crooner. But the twins reunited after 25 years with sizeable chips on both shoulders.

In an opening scene we see them almost coming to blows in the green room of This Morning as a couple of their many unresolved issues come to a head.

Their rows, which regularly explode the rehearsal room, give this roller coaster film an air of Spinal Tap.

There’s also a slight whiff of The Office as the brothers try and fail to present a polished front to the camera.

Some scenes with philosophical Matt are pure David Brent.

“The letters H-O-M-E are so important,” he says while showing us around his Vegas pad.

“Because to me those letters personify, erm, the word home.”

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