Riff Raff Denies Rape Allegation in Unique Style, Bragging About Hookups


Riff Raff I Get Women 3 at a Time … I'd Never Force Drugs or Sex!!!

6/15/2018 12:40 AM PDT


Riff Raff‘s going all out to defend himself against recent sexual misconduct allegations, and he’s doing it in a very cocky way. It’s what he does.

The eccentric rapper shot this video, with his lawyer watching and listening, and adamantly denies doing anything illegal with women. He could have stopped there but, instead, he bragged about his sexual exploits.

As Riff puts it … “Never once have I ever had to drag a girl to the car, never once have I ever had to drag a girl to a hotel, up flights of steps, to have sex with a dead starfish in my room.”

The rapper’s Australia and New Zealand tour was canceled 2 weeks ago after he was accused of drugging and raping a Melbourne woman at one of his shows in 2013. Another woman then came forward and accused him of sexual misconduct when she was a minor in 2015.

Riff started to tell us he’s just like his heroes — Hugh Hefner and Dan Bilzerian — and that’s when his lawyer cut him off, and simplified their defense … denying the allegations and labeling them defamatory.

He says this video “defense” will be in an upcoming short film called “Trial By Media” … about “how false allegations are the new easy way for people to lie and get their name in the media … at the expense of actual artists, athletes & high-profile easy target party moguls.”

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