Rumours emerging that The Sussex’s cannot afford to be financially independent due to security costs!


After Her Majesty the Queen rejected the ‘have my cake and eat it all’ request from the Duke of Sussex aka Prince Harry he has again been in the media at his bequest at a fundraising event – that is the same media he and his wife have been frustrated with (may not be a strong enough!) – to say he is disappointed to be leaving.

If he expects the British public to feel sorry for him he is wrong as many people consulted over the last few days has said:

“If that makes him happy then get on with it!”

“It is all very well that there is no public funding but who is paying the security costs estimated at £7.5m per year? If they want to be financially independent then surely this includes all living costs including security like all other celebrities!”

“This is the final straw for the monarchy! A republic is now not far away! What value do they add? They are a cost and a great example of a truly dysfunctional family”

“As a former soldier on the frontline, I am surprised that Prince Harry has taken this course”

Recent footage showed Prince Harry putting pressure of Bruce Iger (Chief Executive of Disney) to give his wife voice-over work! A success this has been – the Duchess of Sussex has secured a voice-over contract with the Disney organisation – some wonder is this for Rapunzel!

On the same day as Prince Harry was doing this – there was a military remembrance event he should have been at as he is the CIC of this regiment however he instead decided to doorstep important executives on the red carpet to secure work for his wife.

Piers Morgan this morning said they have no idea what they are getting into. He said if the think their recent experience on Vancouver Island where the British Royal Media stayed away in line with the request from the Royal Family – now that there are becoming a distant member of the Royal Family one wonders how can they expect to make money from celebrity when they are no longer close members of the Royal Family the global media will be chasing them everywhere!

Good riddance!

Oh and of course as they are not Canadian nationals – if they want to work they will require a work permit like everyone else… i wonder if they have this covered by the silver spoon establishment?

There is much interest in how this develops as may be the next plot for a Hollywood Movie – The Prince and the Actress.

More importantly Love Island is on weekly at 9pm on ITV – a new girl tonight to mix it up. Enjoy and get ready to apply next time around.

Is is time to change the Royals name Windsor back to the European version!

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