Salty Fragrances Are Sublime, and These 10 Are “I Can’t Even Handle It” Good


Fragrance is deeply personal. In general, what smells good on one person might smell entirely different on someone else. (Thanks, pheromones!) I’m a major fragrance person, and I’m constantly churning through my massive collection of fragrances, and there are some notes that I don’t like on myself but love on others. 

There is one fragrance note that I think works for nearly everyone, though, and that’s salt. If you think about it, it makes sense—our bodies have naturally occurring salts in them. Salty notes in perfume just help you get that certain je ne sais quoi. People will tell you that you smell good, but they won’t quite be able to land on why. These fragrances give your skin a certain creamy, oceanic scent that’s hard to resist. Keep reading for some of the most intoxicating salty scents out there.

Key notes: ylang-ylang, Tahitian tiare, ambergris. As the name might clue you in on, this fragrance depicts salty skin at the beach. You know the feeling of frothy waves washing over your toes on a sunny day? This is that, bottled. 

Key notes: pear, orris, marshmallow

Key notes: ambrette seeds, sea salt, sage. This might be the antithesis of a warm, tropical day at the beach—instead, picture brisk, seaside air sweeping through cliffs. Herbal, earthy, and woodsy notes render this fragrance an electric, invigorating breath of fresh air. 

Key notes: yellow mandarin, sea daffodil, vanilla

Key notes: isparta, centifolia roses, white jasmine, bergamot, salted vanilla. While it’s floral on the nose, this fragrance weaves in salty notes by way of salted vanilla. It’s like eating a macaron in a blossoming garden. 

Key notes: iris, patchouli, vanilla

Key notes: sea salt, citrus, minerals, jasmine, mastic, pine tree, labdanum. If you were able to smell underwater, this is what plunging into the ocean in the South of France would smell like. 

Key notes: labdanum, rose, patchouli, saffron, agarwood, amber, cedar

Key notes: lime, eucalyptus, mandarin, yuzu, sea salt, cashmere musk, violet, coconut wood, sandalwood. This is one of those fragrances that you can’t quite put your finger on in the best way possible. It’s like a vibrant beachside picnic that you don’t want to end. 

Key notes: powder, geranium, ambergris, clove leaf, musk, amber, sandalwood

Key notes: driftwood, sea salt, seaweed. This scent captures the essence of placid water at dawn. It’s refreshing and airy, making it the perfect subtle scent.

Key notes: grapefruit, pink salt, cedar

Key notes: bergamot, heliotrope, coconut milk. The ideal end to every long beach day is a sunset walk along the shore. This fragrance captures that perfectly, evoking the feeling of dusty golden rays bouncing off the water. 

Key notes: lily of the vally, iris, white musk

Key notes: tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine, marine accord. This unique scent is bright, fresh, and airy. It’s like lying down in a tuberose field and looking up at the sky. 

Key notes: fig leaves, fig tree sap, fig tree wood, black pepper

Key notes: aquatic accord, coriander, red seaweed essence. When I smell this fragrance, I picture cobalt-blue water, sun-bleached sails, and a cloud-free sky. It’s the fragrance equivalent of dipping your head underwater to cool down.

Key notes: aquatic accord, rose petal, pine needle

Key notes: salty accord, magnolia, Filo di Seta exclusive accord, heliotrope. If there were a perfume for mermaids, I think it’d be this one. It almost smells like if you put a garden underwater.

Key notes: green pea, peony, Filo di Seta exclusive accord, musk

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