Shannon Handled Being Dumped on The Bachelorette Last Night Like An Absolute Gentleman


The only thing I can imagine that’s worse than getting dumped, is getting dumped on national TV. Which is what happened to former-frontrunner, Shannon on the Bachelorette last night.

After an unsuccessful hometown date, Becky made the tough decision to break things off, and I have to say, he handled it like an absolute gentleman. He was respectful, understanding of Becky’s situation, and didn’t get all defensive in his piece to camera post-breakup and try to convince us that he never liked her anyway. Setting an example for all men on the right way to handle rejection!

Of course, Twitter was here for Shannon’s behaviour and is demanding be be crowned Bachie 2021 . . . and we kind of agree, tbh. Mainly so we can see more of his sweet family, but still.

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