Shipwrecked bombshells strip to coconut bras for booty-shaking twerkathon


In tonight’s episode of , two newbies, twins Danielle and Simone Collins, arrived ready for fun.

The duo spent the day with Tiger Island first, with Josh Hodge taking an instant liking to single twin Danni.

The professional dancers choreographed a routine for the Tigers, before it was time to head to Shark Island.

Over on Shark Island, Danielle and Simone were surprised at how much they liked it there too, making their decision on which tribe to choose even harder.

Earlier this week, the Sharks performed dances for all of the new arrivals, so the twins danced with them too.

Everyone stripped down to bras made of coconuts and skirts made of leaves, leaving little to the imagination.

As they danced, leaves were flying everywhere and the coconuts did little to conceal the girls’ modesty.

But things soon took a more serious turn when it was time for them to decide which island to join.

E4 Shipwrecked 2019

COCONUTS: The Shipwrecked girls stripped to tiny bras and skirts (Pic: E4)

E4 Shipwrecked 2019

PARTY TIME: The twins danced with the Sharks (Pic: E4)

“I’ve never done anything by myself, ever”

Danielle Collins

They would be sticking as a pair, unlike the other new arrivals – but that wasn’t the only twist.

It turned out that, in order for the twins to join, their chosen tribe had to sacrifice one of their members.

They chose the Tigers, saying: “We believe Sim and I will bring something different – good vibe, good energy. They get us, we get them.”

Josh read out the instructions, explaining that if they could not get rid of one of their own, they would get only one twin.

Then the other twin would be sent home immediately – though the girls made it clear if one left, the other would join them.

E4 Shipwrecked 2019

MAKEOVERS: The girls got into the spirit of the islands (Pic: E4)

E4 Shipwrecked 2019

LOVE INTEREST: Josh took a liking to single Danni (Pic: E4)

Liv told them they wanted to keep Danni because Sim had a boyfriend back home, so would be fine.

However, the twins soon forget their pact, with Danni telling her sister: “I have nothing to go home to, you’ve got Sam to go home to. You’re happy. I’ve never done anything by myself, ever.”

So Sim left on the boat, while Danni became a fully fledged Tiger.

Shipwrecked continues Monday at 9pm on E4.

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