Starfield Planned To Be Fully Shown in Summer 2022, More Revealed in AMA


Details like the script size and its exclusivity have only been slowly trickling out about Starfield. But Game Director Todd Howard has revealed more about the space-faring RPG and stated that Bethesda is hoping to show it off in summer 2022.

Howard spoke about the game in a recent Reddit AMA. When asked how the team is going to follow up such an influential game like Skyrim, he somewhat dodged the question said that he just wants to show the game, which is planned for summer 2022. If it keeps its schedule (which isn’t always a given during a pandemic), it’s possible that this could be part of E3 2022 or Summer Game Fest. He then said that the studio was happy with the progress it has made and that some of these advancements can be seen in the game’s last trailer.

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Howard also gave smaller details about Starfield. In speaking about the extensive character creator, he said Starfield will support “he,” “she,” and “they” pronouns and the game will adapt to which one the player chooses. And like past Bethesda games, Starfield will have full mod support. There will also “kind of” be a robotic companion but he did not elaborate.

The rest of the AMA was more aimed at Bethesda as a whole. A user asked if the Cyberpunk 2077 disaster affected Bethesda and Howard only brought up the troubles the developer had with Fallout 76, saying that “[Bethesda] let people down and [was] able to learn and be better from it” and become “much better developers in the end.” He even briefly discussed the cut underwater vault from Fallout 4, saying it was going to be like Bioshock and have a giant octopus outside of it. He also didn’t much of an update about the Fallout TV series for Amazon, only saying that it was “moving ahead” and that he was excited to be working on it with Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, who are known for HBO’s Westworld.

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Bethesda is also working on The Elder Scrolls VI, which is quite far away. Howard said that Bethesda “[knows] it is a long wait” and then joked that his son gave him a Father’s Day card asking where the game is. Howard also addressed the long waiting period between releases in its franchises, saying that he understands, but quality is most important to the team and that they are “careful with resources and priorities.”

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