TALK 2 ME: A Sequel to A24’s Smash Summer Hit TALK TO ME is in the Works


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Sequel to A24’s Big Summer Horror Movie Moving Forward

A sequel to the hit summer horror film, Talk to Me, is in the works from directors Danny and Michael Philippou.

Acclaimed horror filmmakers, Danny and Michael Philippou, have very quickly become involved in getting together a sequel to this summer’s hit movie, Talk to Me. A story of spirits taking over the bodies of innocent young folks through the help of an embalmed hand, the new picture has quickly caught on at the box-office. It has already earned $22 million after just two weekends at the domestic box-office. That’s not to mention the film’s higher than average “B+” CinemaScore grade. Horror movies don’t usually get grades that high from everyday audiences so A24 is striking while the iron is hot in terms of getting together a sequel rather quickly.



Sophie Wilde’s character was a key ingredient to get audiences to feel immersed in the terrifying horror of the new film, Talk to Me. It is uncertain whether she will at all be involved in the sequel at this present time. The sequel will be called Talk 2 Me and stories have popped up that hint that there could also be a loose prequel to the new movie coming out. There is no definitive word on that possibility as of yet but the brother directors have confirmed a prequel story exists and they have jumped at the idea of a sequel to Talk to Me.

A24 has released some good horror films and some great ones. While it is arguable that Talk to Me is not as great as say Midsommar or X, Talk to Me has earned some of the most distinct audience approval of any and all A24 horror movies.

Rushing a sequel to X didn’t help boost box-office numbers, though. A24’s sequel (or prequel), Pearl didn’t exactly set the box-office on fire. Still, hopes are high the third film in that series, MaXXXine, could more than make up for Pearl‘s disappointing box-office returns.

Talk to Me could be an entirely different animal than X altogether, though. Talk to Me has that Friday night horror movie appeal and hook of a plot line that could carry over to sequels much more fluidly than the premise of X. Talk to Me‘s premise of an embalmed hand causing otherworldly possession has been deemed brilliant by many because it opens up the door for conversation after the movie is over. Talk to Me not only frightens but opens up the door for chat because of what transpires throughout the movie. I won’t give it away if you haven’t seen Talk to Me, yet. Go see it then we’ll “talk.”

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