The Bondi Hipsters Are Back and They’re Barely Coping With the COVID-19 Pandemic


The Bondi Hipsters return with a new special, Dom and Adrian: 2020, set to premiere on Stan next month, with the first trailer dropping today.

With creators Nick Boshier as Adrian and Christian Van Vuuren as Dom, the mockumentary special sees how the two of Sydney’s most pretentious residents coped with the new world of the pandemic in 2020.

Dom and Adrian try to “remain positive, make rent and redefine their lives” throughout the course of the year, even as their plans to become the next great Australian DJ duo are hampered by natural disasters — remember the bushfires were in 2020 as well — and then the COVID-19 lockdown. The pressure places a great strain on their friendship, but at the end of the day, Adrian and Dom are Soul Mates.

The trailer shows Dom getting sucked into coronavirus conspiracy theories and seemingly OnlyFans. “This will be the death of fashion labels and music festivals everywhere,” he complains. “I refuse to let one little pesky pandemic affect my social and professional life.”

Meanwhile Adrian is reduced to declining offers of money from his parents over Zoom, trying to create a farm behind their flat, nude yoga and ice baths. “I’m going to use this opportunity to earth myself, take a step back and become more grounded.”

“We have no work, we have no money and we have no idea how to survive, but in amongst all of this, at least we have each other,” he concludes.

Christian also directed the special, with additional social content expected to accompany the launch of the series, harking back to the Bondi Hipsters’ origin as YouTube and social media favourites.

The all too real (but absolutely not, it’s just relatable) Dom and Adrian: 2020 premieres on December 13.

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