THE LEAP (2015) Short Film: Karel van Bellingen Weaves a Sci-Fi Tale of Actions & Consequences


Simon Merrells The Leap

The Leap Short Film

Karel van Bellingen‘s The Leap (2015) short film is available for viewing. The Leap short film stars Simon Merrells, Alix Wilton Regan, Katie Gunby, Jon Campling, Peter Pedrero, Chris Webb, Bella Saer, Russell Barnett, Karima McAdams, Phoebe Higson, Cameron Harris, Lee Ravitz, Paul Michael Harrison, Mark Brooks, Craig Gilmore, Simon Rolfe, and Joshua Bregman.


Karel van Bellingen wrote the screenplay for The Leap. Chris Green created the music for the film. Tony C. Miller crafted the cinematography for the film.



Plot Synopsis

The Leap‘s plot synopsis: “Fifteen years later, Jacob Reiss, a disillusioned IPMA veteran, has a fateful encounter with a young cartel prostitute. A meeting that forces him to confront a dark chapter from his past in order to save them both from a bleak future in one final, violent shot at redemption.”

More on the plot of The Leap:

In 2069, New Earth is declared open for civilian migration, a decade after its discovery. As tales of wonder and opportunity reach the Old World, taking ‘the leap’ becomes the dream of millions. Unable to afford the journey, many of the less fortunate risk their lives being smuggled aboard cargo ships. The inter-planetary Migration Administration, or IPMA, deals with human trafficking on a biblical scale.

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