The nipple-exposing VADAZZLE trend will be huge this year – would you try it?



PUTTING ON THE GITZ: These glittery gemstones can be applied anywhere on the body

We’ve seen all manner of sexy fashion trends this year – and this one is no exception.

An Etsy store is selling body gems which are designed to frame the nipples.

Vadazzles, a take on the , have proven to be popular with customers already. 

Daily Star Online caught up with seller Grace Power to find out more.

Grace first came up with the idea to create Vadazzles when she was working in a beauty salon.

She soon realised that customers were looking for ways to bling up their naked bodies.

The Etsy seller revealed: “I had a salon where we specialised in Brazilian waxing and I had customers asking for vajazzles.

“I was gluing individual gems on to create different designs.

“I started thinking about having pre-made shapes.”


NIPPING OUT: These boob designs leave nothing to the imagination

Noticing that there wasn’t anything similar on the market, Grace decided to start producing them.

She remembered: “It was a long process to get them designed and manufactured, but eventually I had a handful of some beautiful Vadazzle designs.

“I used them to apply to my customers at the salon after their Brazilian waxing and also sell them online.”

The pre-made sparkles come in a wide variety of different designs, from circles to gem-encrusted lines.

You can place these around the body as you please.

Some opt to stick them on their intimate areas, while others create a glitter boob effect by framing their nipples.

Customers have been loving the Vadazzles and have been leaving rave reviews online.


TITILATING TREND: The shimmery body gems are expected to take off this festival season

Grace revealed: “They sell well and customers are happy with them.

“They are easy to apply and look really sexy when they are on the skin.”

The Etsy store has seen spikes in sales around Halloween, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s parties.

They also anticipate that the saucy stickers could prove popular during festival season.

Festival fashion is known for being vibrant and outrageous.

was home to some very risqué styling this year.

Revellers paraded around in

is another craze you can expect to see this summer.

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