The One Wardrobe Staple Every L.A. Girl Is Scrambling to Buy Right Now


To all my L.A. girlies, I get it. You’re sick and tired of the rain. But since the West Coast is expecting more wet weather soon, take it from this New Yorker: It’s time to purchase a trench coat. 

Growing up in a city where it rains more often than not, I used to eschew inclement-weather gear. What’s the point? It’s wet every day, so why bother with an umbrella Well, fast-forward to NYC life and needing to get to an office without looking like a wet dog, and I finally discovered the secret to, well, looking your best (and fending off the hail, wind, sleet, etc.) while damp.

Real talk? Trench coats truly look great on everyone. They come in an array of cuts, colors, and prices, so no matter your frame or personal style, you can find the fit that suits you best. I love a waist-cinching tie belt, but you may be more of a buckle person—there’s a trench for that. 

Ahead, I’ve pulled a dozen classic trench coats worthy of your next rainy-day outfit. But take it from me. You’re going to want rain boots and an umbrella, too.

The faux-leather trim makes this trench coat look way more expensive.

Just bought it.

Found: a flawless trench coat under $100.

Amazon outerwear that warrants compliments no matter the weather.

Inclement-weather chic has never looked better.

Grab one while it’s on sale! 

Loving the exaggerated lapels.

I’m actually looking forward to more rain in the forecast.

Stylishly cinched at the waist and wrists with an adjustable belt and straps.

Bold buttons are a fun, unexpected detail.

Mango outerwear is a little pricey but well worth it given the quality.

Barbour jackets aren’t cheap, but they last a lifetime.

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