'The Punisher' Star Jason R. Moore Not as Mad as Eminem About Cancelation


'Punisher' Star Jason R. Moore Cancelation's Part of the Biz … But I Wish Eminem Spoke Up Sooner!!!

2/24/2019 12:40 AM PST


Jason R. Moore‘s super chill for a guy whose show just got axed — in fact, he’s way less upset about the situation than one of its biggest fans … Eminem.

“The Punisher” star — who played Curtis Hoyle on the Netflix series — was leaving a Starbucks Friday in Studio City and gave us a thoughtful take on the show being canceled, and why he saw it coming.

Jason was also pretty stoked to learn Eminem’s a big ‘Punisher’ fan … as the rapper made clear on Twitter this week.

Sadly for Marshall, Jason doesn’t think there’s a chance to revive the show — at least not with the current cast — for many reasons … unless they can go back in time and get Eminem to yell at the Netflix honchos.

Time traveling Eminem? Now, THAT would be awesome!

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