The REAL reason Elton John quit touring revealed… but London residency is on the cards


With over 300 dates, the global trek is no small feat for the 71-year-old music icon.

However, chatting to Daily Star Online, hubby David Furnish, 55, admits Elton wouldn’t have it any other way.

David said: “He wanted to do a long farewell tour as he says there are a lot of people he wants to say goodbye to.

“He just doesn’t want to travel around the world any more… he really finds it hard on him – it takes him away from him family.

“Our children are getting older, they aren’t little babies anymore, they are little people and they have needs and wishes and it’s hard to do that from the other side of the world.”

Explaining how the Candle In The Wind singer will never really be able to turn down the lure of the spotlight, David continued: “Elton has been doing it for fifty years now, he won’t ever stop performing but he won’t go from place to place to place.

“I don’t think he should stop totally either as he is an amazing live performer but you won’t be coming to a town near most people ever again.”

After one of the most success Las Vegas residencies of all time, Elton could be persuaded to set up shop in the Royal Albert Hall or a similar more intimate UK venue.

Elton John

ON THE ROAD: Elton John is currently in the middle of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour (Pic: GETTY)

Elton John David Furnish

FAMILY UNIT: Elton John poses with David Furnish and their two children (Pic: GETTY)

David Furnish

OPENING UP: David Furnish hinted Elton would consider a London residency after his tour (Pic: GETTY)

“Elton really finds touring hard on him… but I don’t think he should stop performing all together”

David Furnish

“Yes, he would possibly do a residency again,” David admitted.

“He loves the idea of doing a few nights in London or something like that but he doesn’t want to travel.

“I think when you do two years and 300 shows I think the immediate thing after that is just to take some time off and reflect and reset.

“He will be 74 going on 75 when he ends the tour and you have to reanalyse all these things but I know unequivocally he will defiantly not do and more touring – he just doesn’t want to.”

Elton John David Furnish

SUPPORT: David Furnish says Elton doesn’t want to miss their children growing up (Pic: GETTY)

Elton John Victoria Beckham

SHOWBIZ PALS: Elton John poses with Victoria Beckham (Pic: GETTY)

Elton will play his first UK Farewell Yellow Brick road show in Hove before jetting to Dublin for two nights and then returning to play Cardiff’s City Stadium.

Further home soil shows, including London, are yet to be officially announced.

Speaking about the tour, Elton said: “In 2015 we sat down with a school schedule and I thought I don’t want to miss too much of this.

“My life has changed, my priorities have changed and my priority now is my family.”

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