These 4 Winter Shoe Trends Are Out, and These 4 Are In—That’s All


I’ll give you five seconds to name the first shoes that come to mind when you think of winter. Was it Uggs? What about ski boots? Come cold weather, the shoes that first come to mind are those that are durable, practical, and cozy. This winter, I’m here to tell you my favorite shoe trends to know put practicality at play with style. Unlike painful and impractical trends of the past, these comfortable shoes are among my favorites. As someone who much prefers warm weather to cold, I think of these four styles as the summer person’s winter footwear starter pack. They embody the ease of Birkenstocks and block-heel sandals but keep the toes covered and can be layered with a pair of cashmere socks when the occasion calls for it.

One thing I do love about dressing during winter is how easy it is to play with textures and layer in ways that make outfits feel thoughtful and complex. Within each of the four shoe trends I’m highlighting as worth your while for winter, I wanted to show versatility with a range of materials and colors. Think velvet Mary Janes, a decidedly indoor shoe style that I want to break out for a nice dinner, or weather-resistant sneakers in a shocking green that make even the gloomiest rainy day feel brighter. Whether you’re more of a minimalist or your cold-weather style is sporty, there’s a shoe style for you to enjoy.

Swap all-white sneakers for something a bit punchier that better hides puddle stains this winter. While minimal shoes will always be a neutral choice, opting for color can put a unique twist on your everyday style. Use them to dress up jeans and a casual tee, or coordinate your sneakers with the rest of your outfit.

These sporty sneakers add a touch of lime green to your look.

Classic red looks good with neutrals.

For the bold dresser, here’s a unique color combo.

For a subtler intro into colorful shoes, try an ink green.

These fun sneakers will stand out.

Classic sneakers get a subtle blue twist.

When it comes to winter boot styles, you want a pair that’s loose enough around the calf that it’s easy to tuck pants or tights inside. A wider bucket silhouette is sleek but unfussy, which makes it an easy style to dress up or down. Ditch the fitted scuba styles for something with a bit more breathing room.

If you want a bit higher of a heel, these are our pick.

A chunky heel makes walking easy.

Classic black boots will always be in style.

Style these riding boots with black tights and a miniskirt.

Light brown is great for styling with workwear.

A metallic heel is just the right amount of trendy. 

Winter walking can be hazardous, so you’ll want to make sure your shoes don’t make things even more difficult. Sleek loafers add a dressy touch but are functional enough to spend all day in. Wear them with bold socks to make your whole look pop.

Lug-sole loafers offer enough grip for navigating the snow.

Sleek brown loafers can transition from winter to summer with ease.

These are the classic loafers you’ll wear forever. 

Add some extra height with a lifted sole.

Keep it simple with round-toe loafers.

Lighter loafers in a unique textured fabric stands out for special occasions.

Keep it simple with a pair of sleek Mary Jane flats, the current It style when it comes to minimal flat footwear. These comfortable and cute shoes are our favorite way to make your collection of everyday basics feel fresh again.  

Velvet Mary Janes are welcome party attire.

White shoes are a sweet touch.

Try a classic checked print on for size.

You’ll never want to take these off.

Classic black Mary Janes are a throwback to preppy style. 

Stand out in silver.

This minimal silhouette is our favorite for dressy occasions.

This story was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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