These Spring Color Trends Are Worth Testing Out, so That’s Exactly What We Did


Summer is coming in hot both literally and figuratively, so it’s time to get our wardrobes sorted. First on my to-do list is deciding what trends to buy into, from the season’s must-have silhouettes to the most important color trends. The latter is a buzzy topic among the WWW team at the moment—we’re all feeling quite eager to dip our toes into brighter looks. Wearing colors makes me feel joyful and confident, so I tend to favor them all, but the rest of my team has opinions. See which colors four of my fellow editors are standing behind and how they’re already wearing their fave one from the new sustainably dyed Levi’s® Fresh collection.

“First of all, this color is everything. Yellow is an instant mood booster, so trust me when I say that this lemony shade is just as much fun to wear as it looks. Color isn’t naturally my forte, but wearing this bright hue as a matching set couldn’t be any easier. I kept things classic and styled it with my go-to basics: a white tank, a simple shoulder bag, and black loafers.” — Anna LaPlaca, editor

“I love that Levi’s® is now a part of my denim and loungewear collections. I didn’t know I could love the brand more than I already did, but this little mint sweat set proved me wrong. I paired it with a matching mint shoulder bag and a beaded necklace, then finished off the look with neutral and comfortable flat sandals.” — Lauren Eggertsen, editorial director

“Whenever I’m wearing jeans, they’re pretty much always Levi’s®. While I rely on the brand for my classic blue and dark-wash jeans, I thought, why not tap the brand to incorporate color into my denim collection? Saturated denim has been a top trend in the past year, and I’m finally ready to get on board. Purple has always been one of my favorite colors, and while I love mixing and matching different shades, a monochromatic look will always make me feel put together.” — Yusra Siddiqui, assistant market editor

“For spring, I’ve decided to fully embrace color after a long winter of neutrals and all-black outfits. This pink is so me. I am bubbly, fun, and a bit on the girly side. The bucket hat is my favorite because I love a good accessory, but these denim cut-off shorts fit like a dream, and I can’t wait to wear them all spring. I styled this look with my favorite pair of flat sandals for a more casual vibe.” — Grace O’Connel-Joshua, assistant shopping editor

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