This TikTok Hack Ensures Perfect Eye Shadow Application, so I Tried It


If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I will always try a new TikTok beauty hack. Siren lips? Tried them. Olaplex bun? It’s on regular rotation. Dot contouring? Done and dusted

My willingness to try any and every TikTok trend stems from my deep love of all things beauty-hack related. I mean, when I was 14, I dyed half of my hair by tying it in front of my face and sticking it in a mug full of Kool-Aid. (My mother was less than pleased.) The latest TikTok trend that’s caught my attention is easy in comparison to dyeing hair with Kool-Aid. In fact, it might be one of the most helpful DIY hacks that I’ve tried since it basically makes applying eye shadow totally foolproof. 

Here’s the rundown. To try this hack yourself, you’ll need the usual suspects: eye shadow and an eye shadow blending brush. The tool that makes this hack unique, though, is an eyelash curler. You can use it for its intended purpose to curl your lashes after, but here, you’ll be using it as a guide.

Place the rounded edge of the eyelash curler on your crease. Then, apply eye shadow following the curved line. Blend it in a bit before removing the eyelash curler, and TikTok users claim you’ll find yourself with perfect eye shadow every time. While I’m pretty confident in my own eye shadow application abilities, I tried it for myself to make sure the hack is legit—see below for my experience.

After trying this TikTok trend out for myself, I already know I’m going to keep doing it for occasions when I need precision in a pinch. Using the arched end of the eyelash curler takes all the guesswork out of applying eye shadow, and the end result is perfectly shaped makeup.

This is my favorite lash curler, and it helped create the perfect curve.

My favorite eye shadow of all time makes for the perfect crease color. 

I popped this on my outer corners for some depth.

My trusty blending brush that I’ve had since before I worked in beauty.

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