This Valentine’s Day, Things Could Get Explicit


This year, Valentine’s Day has an astrological scheduling problem. In addition to winter wardrobe limitations, February 14 arrives in the deep emotional freeze of Aquarius season. The zodiac’s 11th sign is renowned for its laid-back, chill, and carefree detachment. In fact, the only thing that can whip the Water Bearer into a passionate frenzy is a threat to their autonomy and freedom.

Maybe that’s why Valentine’s Day feels so effortful most years, like we’re scene-blocking a Pedro Almodóvar bodice-ripper in a Walmart parking lot. If only we could nudge V-Day forward to February 18, when Pisces, the sign of poetry and fantasy, takes the wheel for a month.

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Now for some heartening news: V-Day 2024 could take a turn for the spicier. This February 14, two of the most erotic planets are hooking up: lusty, passionate, take-no-prisoners Mars and lewd, possessive, down-and-dirty Pluto. As they make a rare, exact connection in the skies, the 14th will teem with sexual potential worthy of an “explicit” warning label.

Casual exchanges can heat up quickly under this intense alignment. Come prepared: with protection, an out-clause, props, and your USB charger. This is the first time since the late 1700s that Mars and Pluto will unite in Aquarius, adding an experimental twist to the whole affair. Aquarius is the sign that rules electricity, AI, and techie gadgets, putting toys high on Cupid’s menu this year.

A note of caution: Since Mars and Pluto have the potential to create bad blood, the line between love and hate will be paper-thin this Valentine’s Day. Make sure you don’t start a fight just to keep things interesting—or go home with your mortal enemy.

Here’s how the zodiac signs can power up the passion (without blowing any circuits) for Valentine’s Day 2024. Read for your sun sign and rising sign, if you wish. Cue up a playlist heavy on the Aquarians—from heartthrob Harry Styles to savage hot girl Megan Thee Stallion—and let the games begin.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Talk dirty to me! Fire signs are no strangers to expressing themselves fearlessly, but you’ll have an especially seductive way with words this V-Day. Spell out (in vivid detail) what you want your valentine to do to you—and generously describe what you plan to do in return. Start with sexting to make the IRL encounter even hotter. Party size need not be limited to two for fire signs this year. Whether you’re triple-dating, dropping into a play party, or hosting a dinner for your single friends, the more, the minxier. Just make sure you and your valentine are aligned around where your boundaries lie.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

A decadent day is in store for earth signs, which should be music to your material-loving ears. Remember: Elegance doesn’t have to break the bank. The hundred bucks you throw down on a cliché bouquet, bon-bons, or dinner would be better utilized for a memorable cultural activity, like tickets to a jazz club or a light show at a planetarium. (Originality scores high when planets are in Aquarius!) A night in could also be heavenly. Prepare a light but elegant dinner, then spring for fancy dessert to eat in bed. Save the sweets for after you’ve used the warming massage oil, silk scarves, and any other accessories you care to bring with you—which might include an important piece of jewelry this year.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

All eyes on air signs! You’re ready to make a scene this Valentine’s Day for a change, and you won’t mind if all of TikTok is watching. Flaunt your fashion sense with a high-profile dress-up date and maybe a photo shoot. (Libra Kim Kardashian sits front row in New York, Paris, and Milan for a reason.) If you’re feeling particularly sexed-up, bring on the PDA. Though it might seem immodest to get super physical with your date on the dance floor, you’re actually doing other people a favor, giving them permission to be more demonstrative themselves. Think of it as an act of social service that would make St. Valentine proud.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Who’s on top? Water signs will be interested in power this Valentine’s Day, paving the way for scintillating role play. Choose your safe word, and consensually explore a fetish or kink. If you’re always in charge, you might thrill at the chance to play sub to a date who takes charge of everything for the night. (Share your dietary restrictions to avoid breaking character over dinner.) Does it feel like you’re always bending over backwards for everyone? Call forth your inner dominatrix, and boss up. Blindfolds, soft whips, handcuffs—these can enhance the experience. Warning: Intense feelings might arise from this play, so make time for aftercare and deep cuddling at the end of the night.

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