Tilda Swinton stuns fans with most jaw-dropping transformation to date


The 57-year-old actress has opted for a dramatic change for her upcoming role in Suspiria.

The horror film is set to star Dakota Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz and Lutz Ebersdorf.

But it appears that Lutz Ebersdorf wasn’t all he seemed, with Tilda Swinton lurking belief his misleading exterior. 

It appears that the actress had given herself a fake name when the film was created, in an attempt to hide the fact that the role of Dr Josef Klemperer was played by a woman.

After people started to notice a resemblance between the characters, the director dismissed suggestions that they were the same person.

By comparison, Tilda changed from a blonde woman with short hair and youthful skin to an elderly wrinkled man with grey hair – rendering her completely unrecognisable.

After the denials, Tilda has come clean about her role, as she revealed all to the New York Times.

When asked why she posed as a different actor entirely, she said: “Undeniably, I would have to say, for the sheer sake of fun above all.”


EMBODIED: Tilda Swinton embodied a man for her new role (Pic: AMAZON)


SHOCKING: The transformation shocked fans (Pic: GETTY)

Director Luca Guadagnino has gushed over the casting, adding: “There will always be the element of femininity at its core.

“Being a film about the fantastic, it was important that we did not play by the book.”

Fans of the actress have been in complete shock after it was announced that she had actually taken up the role of a man.

Taking to Twitter, one user wrote: “Tilda Swinton is so elastic in her roles – I’m regularly flabbergasted.”


CAST: Tilda Swinton gave a shocking transformation for her new film (Pic: GETTY)

Another added: “Tilda Swinton should pretend to be a man more often.”

After it was confirmed that she even had a prosthetic penis put in, fans were praising her dedication to the role.

The horror is set to hit the UK cinemas on November 16, and Tilda’s show-stopping role is likely to get a lot of attention.

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