Timothy Eerie Crafts A Crazy, Kaleidoscopic Single & Video “Toad Venom”

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Timothy Eerie unveils “Toad Venom” and the track lives up to its name through its eerie, psych feel. The song packs a powerful punch with jangly guitars, pounding percussion and quirky, otherworldly vocals. The message of the mesmerizing, dream-like piece is to face uncomfortable situations head on.  Eerie reveals, “The title of the song is based on the venom of the Sonoran desert toad which contains 5meo-dmt, the strongest psychedelic known to man.” The visuals bring all those vibes of a venom-induced trip with random colorful cartoon images paired with live performance shots. 

The name Timothy Eerie may sound very similar to Timothy Leary. That is not a coincidence as Leary is a famous psychologist and author known for his encouragement of psychedelics. The musician can be recognized for his dewy backdrops fused with a fuzzy, wistful tone. Timothy Eerie exhibits gritty, garage rock at its finest attracting him a large and loyal fan base.

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