Tom Brady Explains Why He Probably Won't Do 'SNL' Again


Tom Brady I Probably Won't Do 'SNL' Again … Here's Why

11/19/2018 2:57 PM PST

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Tom Brady ain’t going to be reprising his role as the terrible throwing dude at a carnival anytime soon — the Pats QB says his career as a “Saturday Night Live” host is likely over. 

And why? He’s too damn busy

“I’m basically on a reality TV show every Sunday afternoon for 3 hours so I feel like I’m on TV enough in the Fall and Winter.”

The GOAT appeared on WEEI’s “Mut & Callahan” on Monday and was asked about life outside of football — particularly if he’d ever return to 30 Rock like he did back in 2005 when he famously played “Alan” … a guy with an arm like Nathan Peterman

TB12 says he loves the show … but it’s too big of a commitment and he’d rather be hanging out with Gisele and the kids. 

“It’s hard for my family to give that up,” Brady says.

“It’s hard to say, ‘All right guys, well, I’m going to go off and do another week of something that I’ve really done before.'”

ICYMI … the carnival sketch was Brady’s best work — but he also donned a sultan outfit and played the manager of “Falafel City” … and had a sketch where he joked about his rivalry with Peyton Manning and other QBs.

Good times.

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