Tom Sandoval & Fellow ‘Special Forces’ Reality Stars On Why They Need To Unionize: ‘Why Am I Not Getting Residuals?’

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“Vanderpump Rules” star Tom Sandoval is among several reality TV personalities participating in the second season of Fox reality competition “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test”.

In addition to Sandoval, his co-stars who also come from the world of reality television include JoJo Siwa (“Dance Moms”), “Bachelor” alums Nick Viall and Tyler Cameron, Savannah Chrisley (“Chrisley Knows Best”) Jack Osbourne (“The Osbourne”) and actress Tara Reid, who starred in her own reality show, “Taradise” and appeared in “Celebrity Big Brother”.

“Look, I think there should be a reality TV union.”

Interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, the stars shared their thoughts on “Real Housewives” alum Brittany Frankel’s recent attempt to create a union for reality TV stars.

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“I have mixed feelings,” said Sandoval.

“Look, I think there should be a reality TV union. There’s a lot of like, ‘If you won’t do it, someone else will,’” describing producers’ take-it-or-leave it approach to salaries.

“There’s no eight-hour, 12-hour shoot days,” he continued, and pointed out that, unlike actors who receive residuals when a TV episode reruns, “when they re-show an episode of me on ‘Vanderpump Rules’, that’s not a good look and it brings up all these old feelings and old hatred of s**tty things that I’ve maybe done or somebody has done in their past. So in a sense, people should be getting residuals for that because actually, if anything, reality people go through a lot worse than what actors do when they show episodes again.”

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Reid concurred. “I think a lot of people on reality feel the same way as a lot of people on streaming shows, going ‘Hey, if they run this show a million times, why am I not getting residuals on it, too?’ I think that’s a really fair question,” she said.

Siwa, who has also competed on “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Masked Singer” said, “I love making reality TV and I’m along for the journey. I think the world’s ever-evolving and if that’s where we evolve to, we’ve got to lean with it and rock with it.”

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Osbourne, who acknowledged he’s worked in reality TV for more than two decades, added, “I do think there is an imbalance; I don’t know if unionizing it will actually bring more work. I do support streaming services and networks sharing information because it is grossly imbalanced, but it’s my belief that they’re not [sharing] because people are not actually watching platforms as much as they’re touting.”

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