Trump is Trumped!


The writing is taking permancy on the wall. The Trump White House team are now updating their CV’s for the next career move.

Trump is reported as angry and pushing his team to resolve this for him.

Nepotism and whatever else has been clouding Trump for months. More concerning is his children seem to be afflicted by his nepotism ever further.

The clocking is counting the minutes… the States remaining continue to complete the vote count as the legal process defined in each State and County.

Trump’s time as President of the Free World is coming to an end – his retreat from the Paris Climate Agreement, his focus on nationalism make him an unique individual, however unusual in his actions on Twitter and Facebook and blanking the US Press in an unacceptable selective basis – as if they don’t speak for me, I don’t speak to them!..

As for the people of the world, this is a historic moment – if such an individual had been leading a less democratic country if could have turned out differently.

As for the winner of the recent election, Biden and Harris offer a great opportunity for the USA to stand tall again in the world amongst its friends and its competitors.

Trump may own many condos around the world in various Trump Towers around the world funded by dirty money… where does he go next? Who knows although the Trump team are already talking about the next election… Really?

The coffee or the cannabis is obviously flowing in the White House….

Another thought, can the new President cancel the Einstein Visa’s issued to his fake family living in the White House? One hopes so to sort this mess out.

A huge callout to all the American people working so hard to count the votes and complete this in this election. No state could have planned for the volume of votes submitted by mail nonetheless we must credit all of the team working to complete the count over the last couple of days and the next few as this is completed.

God Bless the USA.