Ty Suave and the Secret Behind his Success – Is it Overnight?

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Globally, music sells at high rates because of you (the audience). That is why in the last 20 years, the total recorded music revenue has been 23.1 billion USD worldwide.

Are you bored of hearing the same music of those same artists in your playlist? If yes, this might be the time to go for new rising artists worth listening to. When talking about new rising artists and musicians, Ty Suave is one of those names that come first in our minds. So, let’s look at what he is and what he has done to become successful.

So, let’s get straight into it:

Born on 13th January 2000, in Brooklyn, New York, USA. HE is not one of those musicians who have been towards music for a long time without success. But he showed his interest in music in 2018, and now, he has got quite impressive success. But he also had seen the struggle when he was homeless and slept in his car back in 2018.

His real name is Gerard Dickens, and he has more than 16 thousand followers on Instagram (by the time of writing this article). He has released many mind-blowing tracks that are loved by his fans. One of them is quite recent. Yes, I am talking about “Confusion.” His first song, “Drip Hard,” was also a big hit that provided him with a push in this industry. 

He is a graduated fellow from a high school in Atlanta, Georgia. Then he returned to his city, but it was not his field of work. That is why he chose music, and you must not be surprised to know that he lives in Manhatten, NY. He lives on 59th street near the city’s central park, which proves his success. Once slept in a car and now in the most expensive area of New York. Isn’t it quite an impressive story?

Did Ty Suave have the Edge over Other Rising Stars?

Many people think about Ty Suave that it is well and good that he slept in his car for a certain time, but his success is overnight. Is it truly right? 

People say this because of his already famous cousins. He also has two famous cousins: Rashad Smith (producer) and Sonya Magett. Rashad is a famous music producer who has recently worked with DJ Khaled and Nickie Minaj. At the same time, Sonya was once a stylist at source magazine and styled Biggie, Fat Joe, LL Cool J, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef, Tyra Banks, and more for The Source. She has more than 20k followers on Instagram. 

But you should understand that nothing is overnight. You have to be consistent and hardworking towards your passion for winning it. People think that the story of Ty Suave is a complete example of nepotism. But it is not true at all. 

Think yourself! If a person had two successful and famous cousins, why was he sleeping in a car for a year? He should have got success in that year (2018). What do you think about it? Let us know! 

Hopefully, now your thinking about Ty Suave has changed. If yes, you must be ready to know how to become a successful singer in 2 or 3 years (if and only if you have talent). Here are some of the peculiar behaviors of Ty Suave that lead him to success:

Different Voice or Style 

You should understand that unique and new things get viral every time in the next to no time. You have to bring something new, maybe your singing style or voice. That is what Ty has got. His unique voice has given him that exclusive edge over other rising stars. So, bring something fresh and original because new things attract people.  


This is connected to the last behavior because you will never copy anyone when you have something different. If you copy someone, there are many chances that you will get popular in less time. But as every action reacts, its reaction will be extremely hard to bear. Because you will lose all your gained fame in a game of minutes.


We all know that patience is always important in every aspect of our life. If you wait, you will get based on that. The more you are patient, the more you will get in return. It is the habitude and fashion of this world. 


But patience is the next thing; you have to be patient but not bare-handedly. You have to work hard, be passionate, give your 100%, and wait for success. Got it?

ShaSimone is another new rising star with 7.4k monthly listeners on Spotify. She has got more than 16.2k followers on Instagram. These numbers are good enough for a rising star who has just started her journey as a music artist.

Thomas Headon is quite famous, so there is a possibility that you already know about him because Thomas has more than 103k followers on Instagram, which is a quite big milestone that he has achieved. He is a guy from Melbourne, Australia, who believes in creating, writing, and singing soothing heart-touching music with a touch of pop. Because his idols are Alfie Templeman and Harry Styles.

If you are not familiar with the name (cKay), you must have listened to his song. And you know which song I am talking about? Yes, you have guessed it right. I am talking about “Love Nwantiti (ah ah ah).” If you don’t know the same song, I can still bet you have heard this song at least once on TikTok (if you used TikTok in 2021).

This 26-year-old Nigerian guy has no less than 975k followers on Instagram. So, if you ever loved his famous song, you will also love his upcoming songs that will release in 2022 and after that.  

So hopefully, now you know how a rising star becomes famous. Nepotism is a reality of this world, but it is not the case with Ty Suave. He did everything himself, from providing something peculiar to the audience in the form of an extraordinary voice (God-gifted) to hard work, dedication, and then waiting for success.  

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