Tyron Woodley Says Kendrick Should've Given White Girl 'N-Word Pass'


Tyron Woodley Kendrick Should've Given 'N-Word Pass' … To White Concertgoer

5/25/2018 12:05 AM PDT


UFC Champ Tyron Woodley says Kendrick Lamar should’ve let a white concertgoer get away with saying the n-word … saying the young lady deserved a pass.

It happened last week during a concert in Alabama … Kendrick admonished the fan when she let the word slip during a performance of “M.A.A.D. City,” and of course it instantly went viral.

Woodley was on his show “The Hollywood Beatdown” when the topic came up … and Tyron took the wrong less traveled by black dudes, saying he thought the young lady was GREAT.

“I thought it was hilarious. I thought how confident she was, no reservation, no hesitation, she came right off the nugget. She didn’t miss one line.”

Hope you didn’t think he’d stop there … Tyron went to explain that he routinely gives n-word passes when he does stand-up comedy, and tries to get his co-host Evan (white dude) to says the word.

Evan passes … which is UNDOUBTEDLY the smart decision.

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