Vicente Fox Shades Obamas for Netflix Deal and Focusing on Money


Ex-Prez Vicente Fox Forget Netflix Money Grab, Obama … The World Needs You!!!

5/23/2018 1:00 AM PDT


Barack and Michelle Obama are making a huge mistake with their Netflix deal … according to Vicente Fox, who says they should focus on helping people, instead of making money.

We got the ex-Mexican Prez Tuesday in D.C. and asked him about the Obamas locking up a production deal to make films, series and documentaries for Netflix. He’s not on board.

In fact, he fully challenged the former first couple.

Fox says their jump into entertainment comes at the worst time, because their leadership’s desperately needed in other arenas.

Vicente’s no fan of President Trump, and doesn’t call him by name, but watch — he urges Obama to help the Democrats win in November.

Translation: take down Trump’s Republicans now … make your showbiz bucks later.

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